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Hybrids Dragon City


Flaming Rock Dragon


Breed Terra + Flame"What happens when you set earth eternally on fire? This Dragon is one of the most energetic ones around. Flaming Rock especially loves Rock music and Dragon Chili snacks."

Mud Dragon


Breed Terra + Sea

"Sometimes mistakenly described as chubby or lazy, but we happen to know that Mud Dragons are on a strict organic mud diet, and they only enjoy an occasional fly when it happens to land directly in their mouth.""

~Cloud Dragon~


Breed Flame + Sea

"Many people don't even know that they have seen this Dragon because it perfectly blends into the sky. If you fell like the rain is sometimes following you, here you have the explanation!"

~Tropical Dragon~


Breed Terra + Nature

"Tropical Dragon likes to dance all night, do acrobatics and enjoy life in general. It's happy-go-lucky attitude is very catchy, so in its company it is impossible not to smile!"

~Spicy Dragon~


Breed Nature + Flame

"Spice up your island kingdom with this temperamental fellow. The Spicy dragon is known for its excessive use of swearwords and a passion for Mexican food."

~Nenufar Dragon~


Breed Nature + Sea

"Fantastically beautiful, this dragon always draws crowds wherever it goes. Have you seen those floating flowers move in a pond? Maybe it wasn't a flower after all..."

~Star Dragon~


Breed Electric + Terra

"Who doesn't like looking at stars on a clear night? This Dragon is made of stars and during the nights you can see it shine. Star Dragon is one of the most calm and happy dragons, a friend to all."

~Lantern Fish Dragon~


Breed Sea + Electric

"This mythical Dragon form the deepest oceans is an absolutely hilarious companion. The Lantern Fish Dragon can light up the darkest, stormiest night with its hilarious anecdotes of the life under water."

~Laser Dragon~


Breed Electric + Flame

"This futuristic dragon is a delightful addition to your islands. It's highly energetic and likes to fry small insects with its laser beams. This way you can also have bug control in your islands!"

~Alpine Dragon~


Breed Terra + Ice

"Alpine Dragon, the robust cousin of Ice Dragon is impossible not to love. This adorable creature is irresistibly playful and friendly. Watch out for avalanches though."

~Icecube Dragon~


Breed Sea + Ice

"Is it getting hot in your island? The ice cube dragon is just the creature to cool things down. Calm, cool as ice and quite slow, this sympathetic fellow is no threat at all."

~Dandelion Dragon~


Breed Nature + Ice

"The feather light friend is a must for every dragon enthusiast. Its puffy appearance will draw crowds from far far away to see its famous disappearing act."

~Fluorescent Dragon~


Breed Electric + Ice

"This one glows in the dark, so it's highly convenient in the dark winter months. You will also save in electricity by getting this glowy Dragon!"

~Medieval Dragon~


Breed Flame + Metal

"The Medieval Dragon hails from times of King Arthur, who gave the dragon the precious task to protect his sword. Ever since he has been looking for a new master. Could it be you?"

~Mercury Dragon~


Breed Metal + Sea

"This dragon is highly unpredictable, poisonous and has an exceptionally low melting point. But when the sunshine from the right angle, this liquid creature looks absolutely magnificent!"

~Jade Dragon~


Breed Metal + Nature

"The Jade Dragon is the wisest of them all. Ask any question or present any problem and you will receive an answer from this ancient being. Now you'll just have to learn Chinese to understand him."

~Battery Dragon~


Breed Electric + Metal

"Running out of batteries all the time? This dragon will be your new best friend and you will always be charged with energy when around it!"

~Pearl Dragon~


Breed Ice + Metal

"Pearl Dragon is known to be a bit vain and often wastes considerable amounts of time in shining its pearls. But when needed, it can be extremely brave and selfless and helps the ones in need."

~Hedgehog Dragon~


Breed Terra + Dark

"This dragon is extremely fond of people, but because of his spiky exterior he has been avoided. So wear some armor and give him a hug."

~Vampire Dragon~


Breed Dark + Flame

"When you have managed to catch the Vampire Dragon, you can truly congratulate yourself. Beware though that you can never quite tame it. Be very nice or it will fly!"

~Carnivore Plant Dragon~


Breed Nature + Dark

"This cheerful meat eater is almost blind but has extraordinary keen sense of smell. It can smell anything from miles away, so don't ever think that you can surprise this Dragon however hard you try."

~Neon Dragon~


Breed Electric + Dark

"If you think neon colors were a thing of the 80's, you are wrong! The neon colors are back. This Dragon is pure sunshine on wings!"

~Zombie Dragon~


Breed Dark + Metal
"This undead dragon has a huge appetite! It keeps eating, but somehow nothing seems to hold in. Despite its constant hunger, forgetful nature and bad vision it has proven to be loyal."

~Vulcano Dragon~


Breed Flame + Terra

"This is the more explosive cousin of the Alpine Dragon. Always happy and cheerful, watch out though its hot!"

~Waterfall Dragon~


Breed Sea + Terra
"This dragon is an absolute wonder! Where does the water come from and where is it going? Who knows! It's still mesmerizing to watch."

~Blizzard Dragon~


Breed Sea + Flame

"Weirdly enough this dragon made of snow and ice seems to like hot and wet environments! To see this rare dragon flap around in a pile of lava is definitely worth the effort!"

~Cactus Dragon~


Breed Nature + Terra

"Cactus Dragon loves to cuddle, what a shame that it is covered with spikes. If you're charmed by it despite the stings, put your gloves on and give it a hug!"

~Firebird Dragon~


Breed Flame + Nature

"Like the Phoenix- the symbol of rebirth - this Dragon is said to be immortal. The fire feathers and regal flight are an impressive sight. It is said that the birds' cry is that of a beautiful song."

~Coral Dragon~


Breed Sea + Nature

"Coral Dragon offers what is most beautiful under water. The colorful gardens of the abyss are more magnificent than you could ever imagine. This dragon is a treasure!"

~Chameleon Dragon~


Breed Terra + Electric

"A Master of camouflage - the Chameleon dragon actually changes color, so don't be alarmed if it seems to have disappeared, just wait a sec and it'll appear again! Fun fact: this dragon sees everything..."

~Storm Dragon~


Breed Electric + Sea

"This dragon loves stormy weather more than anything! If you feel that living is getting too peaceful in your island kingdom, get the Storm Dragon to shake things up."

~Hot Metal Dragon~


Breed Flame + Electric

"The Hot Metal dragon is impressive - turn the temperature on and watch it ignite! This dragon comes from the core of earth, where its ancestors still live and breed."

~Snowflake Dragon~


Breed Ice + Terra

"This beautiful dragon is very friendly and delicate, always baring snowflakes - natures own works of art. Just keep the temperature low or it'll melt!"

~Ice Cream Dragon~


Breed Ice + Sea

"This dragon is so delicious that it's actually on the verge of extinction; greedy children everywhere tend to have a taste! Please refrain yourself and admire it from a distance."

~Mojito Dragon~


Breed Ice + Nature

"You know it's summertime when you see mojitos everywhere! Invite this refreshing dragon into your islands and I can guarantee that the party never stops..."

~Moose Dragon~


Breed Ice + Electric

"Did you know that Moose is one of the most ancient animals around today? In the beginning of times in the ancient marshes, a moose and a dragon met... It was love at first sight and the result is delightful!"

~Steampunk Dragon~


Breed Metal + Flame

"A masterpiece of classic machinery, this one actually came to life with a little help from our Dragon Master Deus. Keep it well oiled and you will have a loyal servant forever."

~Seashell Dragon~


Breed Sea + Metal

"Who doesn't love Seashells - the treasures of the sea? Offer this dragon a home and see what beautiful, shiny treasures will come out!"

~Dragonfly Dragon~


Breed Nature + Metal

"Sometimes a dragon is even closer than you think-just sitting on the rock behind you of flying by when you're laying on the grass. Despite often being mistaken for an insect, the dragonfly is all dragon."

~Gold Dragon~


Breed Metal + Electric

"Precious by nature, this Dragon is the most giving of them all. If you take good care and feed it well, it just might lay a beautiful golden egg."

~Platinum Dragon~


Breed Metal + Ice

"A Dragon of this magnitude certainly knows its worth. Platinum Dragon is generally known as the leader of the pack and isn't afraid to demonstrate it's power."

~Venom Dragon~


Breed Dark + Terra

"Rising deep from the ground, comes the impressive Venom Dragon. Potentially lethal but can also provide antidote when you most need it. Are you a risk taker?"

~Dark Fire Dragon~


Breed Flame + Dark

"From the darkest of caves rises a sombre character with eternal purple flames on its back with temperature unbearable to any other living thing. Whatever you do, don't show your fear."

~Rattlesnake Dragon~


Breed Dark + Nature

"Potentially deadly, this dragon has to be treated extra well to keep it from biting its master! When fully trained, it can be the most loyal servant."

~Penguin Dragon~


Breed Ice + Dark
"At first sight it's easy to mistake this dragon for a penguin. It's a common mistake but don't be fooled, its teeth are extremely sharp."




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